7 Details about me

Marian from House of Style has tagged me to write about 7 Personal Details about me.
So here it goes,

1. Although I may look a little girly and weak, I used to play Volleyball, Soccer and was a co-captain of my Cheerleading Squad all throughout high school. Also this kind of falls into the asian stereotypes, but I know martial arts and yes, I've kicked a guy's butt. lol

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(My senior year. I weighed more than now but I was more fit back then)

2. I used to be in so much love with Sylvester Stallone untill he openely declared that he wanted McCain to be president. If he had'nt then I'd still be in love with him.

3. My favorite movies are My girl, Love Actually, Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2 and my favorite actor is Colin Firth just because of the roles he plays. lol

4. Since 9th grade I've only used two perfumes in my whole life. Anna Sui by Anna Sui and Vera Wang's Princess. Currently I use Vera Wang's Princess but as soon as I am done with it I'll go back to Anna Sui.

5. I used to teach Autistic kids at my church every Saturday for four years. Actually, that's how I became Christian. I don't go to church anymore due to my laziness and hectic schedule but one day, sooner or later I'll start going again.

6. I used to work as a professional Kitchen and Bathroom Designer. I had to lie to my clients about my age since I was so young and I actually have designed a very famous person's house. Well one person is very well known and the other is only known in LA.

7. I have a few tattoos and I've had 7 piercings before including my eyebrow.

I believe I'm suppose to tag 7 ppl to do what I've done, but I don't think it's just fair to do only 7 ppl since I would like to get to know more about everyone of you so feel free to write about 7 details about yourselves on your blogs!
I was at school till 12am yesterday and I'm probably going to stay there till midnight once again so I shall hopefully see you guys tomorrow!
Have an awesome weekend and party hardy for meeh!
Love, Aimee
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