Apothica $50 GIVEAWAY!

Starting today, I am giving away a $50 Apothica gift card to one lucky reader!!

A lot of you have been asking what types of makeup, skin care, and hair care products I use. Well, Apothica is one online shop that I can always go to for the latest beauty products. They have all of my favorite brands: Smashbox Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, La Mer, Nars, Too Faced, YOU NAME IT, THEY HAVE IT! I'm really excited to be giving away $50 to my favorite online beauty store. (The gift card can be used at SkinCareRx.com, Apothica.com, and SkinBotanica.com!!)

To enter this giveaway simply:

1. Follow me on BlogLovin'

2. Comment below and leave your email address!
3. Visit Apothica.com and either Tweet us (@Apothica and @Natalieoffduty), write on Apothica's Facebook, OR tell me what you think about Apothica in a blog post and link it in your comment! The choice is yours!

This contest will run for 2 weeks, until Thursday, January 6th, where the lucky winner will be announced!! GOOD LUCK!

Don't forget to follow me on TWITTER for timely updates as well as to see who won the contest!

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A Good Alternative


If you're running out of closet space like me, the Stolmen closet system from Ikea might be a good alternative.
Closet organization is definitely on top of my New Year's Resolution along trying to start eating healthy and working out.
What are yours?
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Disney World for the Plant Lovers

(H&M Metallic Sweater, Red Pants/Leggings from Le Jolie in Melrose, Steve Madden Platform Boots/Heels)
Found this amazing pottery place in Studio City while looking for Mc Donald's with my sister.
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Slots of Fun Part 2

(Vintage salmon blazer, Rich & Skinny Jeans)

Here is part 2 to my holiday trip to Vegas! I had lot of fun frolicking the old streets of downtown for a morning. It was nice to get away from the Vegas Strip for a little bit and see the older hotels and a little bit of Vegas history. It became obvious why everyone has migrated over to the brightly lit Strip where the hotels are new and the people are trendy. Right now, the "it" hotel is definitely The Cosmopolitan. It is absolutely beautiful! It was strange walking through a quiet and much less crowded Venetian. Makes me think that one day in the future I will look back at this post and laugh seeing that The Cosmopolitan hotel is "old". One new hotel, and suddenly the others seem like old news. Anywhooo, back to what I wore.
I packed this lovely vintage blazer that I found thrifting in Silverlake. It's such a nice coral, salmon color. Made of cashmere and wool, it is priceless! Once again, I had to wear the dotted sweater. Sorry, but it's one of my faves! I only brought one pair of skinny jeans by Rich & Skinny in my suitcase. I swear they never stretch out and fit like a glove. I did so much walking, eating, and shopping in Vegas. It was definitely an unforgettable mini vacation! I'm so happy that I still get one more free week at home before the new year. I'm taking advantage of this time to meet up with old friends and finally pick up the books I've been wanting to read.
I cannot believe 2010 is coming to a close. I'm excited for whats to come, but also a bit nervous. I've got a lot on my plate but I promise to make the best of it! I'm wishing you all a very wonderful week and signing off this year with a kiss!

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Slots of Fun Part 1

(Vintage skirt, H&M dotted sweater and parka, Cole Haan boots, Bally Bag; Urban sweater and vintage shirt top)

Hey guys! I'm back! I was gone on holiday for a bit this past week. This years destination? VIIIVVA LAS VEGAS!! My family and I took a road trip out to Sin City for a short getaway. We escaped the drab, rainy days here in LA for something a little more... alive! This was probably one of my favorite trips to Vegas. I feel like we really got to see everything Vegas has to offer. There was great food, entertainment, and shopping. I took a bit too many photos, but I love them all! As for my wardrobe, I found myself mixing polka dots, florals, and cargo into a single look. Usually I opt for basics, but it's Vegas, so why not go a little crazy with my wardrobe?! I'm pretty much obsessed with this dotted sweater and will wear it with anything, even if that means clashing prints! Part 2 of my Vegas trip to come!

Most of all, I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride this year. I'm so happy to have such amazing, supportive readers. 2011 is bound to be crazier and I can hardly wait!

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Model Friends

karl lagerfeld 170410

I love these images with a bunch of gorgeous and well dressed models hanging out / walking together.
They remind me of 2010's New Years when I hung out w/ my stylish blogging buddies and also during New York Fashion Week when all of us were dressed up to the max every single day. haha
Not sure what Wes & I will be doing on 2011's New Years but I hope you guys get to celebrate it with your loved ones and have tons of fun!
Oh, and Happy Christmas Eve!

(images via dailyfashionfix tumblr, ilovewildfox)
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There is Nothing Traditional About My Holiday Dress

had to take a quick picture of my new holiday dress that arrived today!
I am definitely packing this sweetie to LA. Just need to find a party to wear it to! :)
Hope you guys are having a great week and have a happy holiday~!
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Rain Rain Go Away!

(Doris Apparel sweater, Issac Mizrahi shirt)

These photos shockingly turned out to look a lot like something you'd see in a J. Crew or Gap catalog. Playful and fun, these snapshots were taken on my front porch. I love the put together, buttoned to the top, collegiate look at the moment! This sheer black top is perfect for layering under a pullover sweater. Right now I am living in this one from Doris Apparel, one of my blog sponsors.

It's been raining so much here in California the past few days and I haven't been too enthusiastic about what I wear. Seriously, it has not stopped and it is driving me nuts! I cannot wait till this storm passes. I want it to be safe to drive over 10 mph on the road again aaaaand I want to wear something remotely blog-worthy. Until then, I'm trying to stay dry all while gearing up for the holidays!

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Blushing in PInk - and My Messy Apt

(Forever 21 Parka, H&M Faux Fur Collar, Anarchy Street Orange Scarf, Dad's Versace Belt that he left at our old place which I quickly stole, Mom's Vintage Pleated Skirt, Steve Madden Lace Up Ankle Boots, Su-shi Bag)

oh, how long have I waited to take an outfit picture!
Since Wes has left us to spend time with his family for Christmas, Charcoal and I were left alone in this gloomy rainy weather. Today was a little better than the other days as it rained on and off and I finally had some free time so Charcoal and I met up with a friend of mine from school for an early dinner and before we were done with our dinner it started pouring again.
I heard it's raining like this in the entire state of California. Hopefully by tomorrow the rain will stop since Charcoal and I will be flying back home to LA.
Anybody doing anything fun for Christmas?
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