INVITE: Join me Thursday with JOIE at Saks!

Meet me this Thursday, the 11th, as I host the JOIE event here at Saks 5th Ave! 

Best of all, it is open to the public and I am so stoked that I get to invite all of you readers. Celebrating Joie's latest Spring '13 collection, it's bound to be a beautiful night filled with pastels, gorgeous prints, and beautiful little frocks. I've grown up being inspired by this brand. Come Thursday for a little Spring inspiration, just in time to ring in these sunny days. I'm already brightening up my closet with this little high waisted red skirt and printed little flats...all ready to take on the city's toasty streets.

So yes, you're all invited!!! It's bound to be a fun night filled with good tunes and loads of Spring must-haves!

What: JOIE event hosted by Natalie Suarez at SAKS! 
When: Thursday, April 11th, 6-8pm
Where: SAKS 5th Avenue (50th Street and 5th Ave)


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Life's been a big bundle of events this past month. I already find myself trading in the skinny jeans for high waisted skirts and cropped tops...on rainy days I hide beneath my leopard family in Malaysia keeps thinking my boyfriend looks like the Armani sister, Dylana, has more flares than I do...there's always those long hours in the hair/makeup chair...our Modern Vice JETT can be found in super rad stores around the city (Cloak & Dagger, Wink) and I always go in and awkwardly take photos of our own shoes...I still go through my Texas photos only to make myself miss Austin and it's dimly lit hideouts and rad guitars...the East Village is my new home (again), but now I've got an amazing pink striped couch. YEP, things really are looking good this, I pulled the best April Fools on everybody I know. It's been a WIN WIN, and I'm excited for what's to come!
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We Are the Times

(7 for all Mankind corduroy flares, Evil Twin denim jacket, RVCA top, Aldo boots, M. Hulot bag, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Ela Rae chain bracelet, Jenny Bird snake cuff/ring)

Weekends in the city are getting more and more beautiful. It's hard to explain. With just a little sun, a peek of Spring, there's a change a mood. The happiness, the "I want to just walk in the park," and almost, a sudden relief. Yesterday was incredible. I am having one weekend of calmness, before a super crazy week of shooting and work, before I'm off to bake in the desert heat (hello Coachella!) Just the walk home from brunch got me in a good mood. The boyfriend and I ended up playing remixed tunes in the house, as I got changed into one of my favorite little get-ups. Cord FLARES, YIN-YANG denim, my M. Hulot bag that's just the right size for a cellphone and lipstick, and of course one of my all time favorite tees. One perfect for curling on the couch, and lying in the park. Yes, YIN-YANG is my new obsession thanks to Evil Twin (I've got the whole bustier and shorts set all ready for the summer ahead) and I live by my tee: "THESE ARE THE DAYS. WE ARE THE TIMES." It's true, today is all we've got! With a walk to the park, I was amazed by Washington Square Park's glow. The red shining off of NYU...and people. Lots of people. Some lying on the grass playing a guitar, while others, well, most, were having one of the city's largest pillow fights!! I was pleasantly suprised it was National Pillow Fight Day, making the day seem even lighter and more beautiful. If only crazy things like this happened everyday! Ended with some piano in the park, I thought, yep...todayw as the best day to wear this tee. We are the times. 
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SXSW: No Badge Needed

(RVCA tee and denim jacket, Hudson "Nico" jeans, Free People hat, We are Handsome tunic, Vintage Shoe Co. "Covington" boots, "Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" JETT MESSENGER bag)

I'm taking you back a bit to my first night in Texas. After our flight and finally checking into our hotel, we hopped in a gypsy cab downtown, and ended up right smack dab in the middle of 6th street. We STILL agree our driver was drunk. The music was loud, the crowds crazy, and I think the whole city was down there for the night. The dreadlocks. The boys and their guitars high their backs. There really was a little bit of everything roaming the streets. Bars were completely packed, and you could literally see gigs just by walking down the sidewalk. FREE LIVE MUSIC!! All everyone needed on this crazy night. I was just happy to survive the crowds to snap photos, and with my 3 giant handbags! Talk about looking like a tourist. And the HEAT! First time in months we've felt anything like it. Laughing and smiling because we didn't need a stupid heavy coat. So there you have it, our first night was incredible. Right away we knew SXSW was going to be amazing. After trying our very first tex-mex taco, we were back at our hotel for a short snooze, anxiously awaiting our first full day at SXSW. I miss these nights, just before what was an inspiring adventure. 
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Long Strides

(Muubaa burgundy leather jacket, Cheap Monday denim skirt, Lovers & Friends grey sweater, Dr. Martens boot, "Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" JETT MESSENGER bag)

These past few days, I've gone back to black. But only for a little bit. Lord knows I always need me some color! But yes, I've suddenly been throwing on my blackest of denim, my heavest of leather jackets, and knit sweater. Here, I've got this killer Cheap Monday find...the long maxi denim skirt. Yes, it's a bit punk, but also something I think my mum would have worn back in the day. It's only necessary to take extremely long strides with this baby, paired with a good chunky platform. Who said girls always had to be dainty? I mean, I learned from Dy, who as a kid traded in ballet tutus for platform sneakers hehe! Anyways, it's back to work between a morning stop at the agency, to checking in at the factory. Luckily, there are always lunch breaks in the park! Come Spring, days begin earlier and earlier, and are ending later and later. One more week, until just pure music and fun in the desert sun! Patiently waiting in my heavy layers...
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Rose Gold Glow

I'm currently addicted to metallics. Silver, gold, ROSE GOLD. I spotted this metallic rose gold leather jacket and I knew I had to have it. Already, my Muubaa leather jacket collection is growing. I'm honestly really obsessed with these soft, buttery things. There really is nothing cooler than a real beautiful biker jacket. One shine-y enough to stop traffic!! We had one gorgeous and slightly warm day this weekend and I thought, finally...a day without a one of those dreadful coats currently lying on one of my couches. Only a mint overalled dress, tank, and bucket bag to boot! Snapped in one of Soho's most famous alleys, we met an old veteran to the street...a guy who secretly spies on the street all day, counting how many people stop by and take photos. I caught him taking a film shot of my boyfriend and I before he came up to talk to us. He lived up in those shuttered windows, and because the street was always so quiet, threw a TV down. Talk about insanity. Now everytime I walk by, I'm going to find that dude lurking in the corner spying on all those who want a little bit of this alley's lovin'. 

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