Next Stop: Jerusalem

(Necessary Clothing sweater, J Brand jeans, Persol sunglasses, Vintage Cole Haan boots)
There is one city out there that is just captivating, and that is Jerusalem. It was probably one of my very favorite parts of my Israel trip. You won't believe it but I literally woke up exactly 5 minutes before our tour bus was about to take off! I have no idea why I decided not to call the front desk for a wake up call...on the most important morning of all times! So yes, I panicked, literally screamed "shit, shit, shit" to myself as I hopped out of bed. I didn't get to do my hair..but just brushed my teeth, packed a lipstick, and threw on this outfit (which I also wore on the plane). Not too shabby for a 5 minute fixer upper. I go down to the lobby in record time and everyone is still waiting for the bus. HALLELUJAH. Oh, but things do get more crazy. I was told I had a few minutes to grab a coffee and of course I stupidly believed them and left to grab one, only to come back to an empty lobby and NO BUS IN SIGHT. I freaked. Did everyone get abducted by aliens or something? Luckily my friend called me to tell me to hop in a cab and make it to the next hotel where the bus had left to pick up the other editors. As you can see, I DID end up making the bus. The whole morning was absolutely insane, but in the end, I was just sooo happy I made it. The 8:10 am call time was definitely worth it. I had the most amazing Thanksgiving in Jerusalem. We ate holy food, drank wine, and did all sorts of crazy things (like sneak away from our tour guide...more on that later) The one day felt like a week, as we saw so many things, met so many people, and basically had an out of this world experience. You probably want to know what went down when we actually got there. Well, now you've got me exhausted and I will explain later! The never ending day comes with many more photos :)

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