Frosty Morning

(Hallelu sweater, Joie coat, Athropology beanie)

Before hopping into a van early yesterday morning in Amsterdam heading for the ECCO leather tannery, I had to take one quick run to the canal...just to see how pretty it was. I love super brisk mornings and this one in Amsterdam was just stunning. Somehow it didn't get bright until late in the morning. The sky was that gray. And no surprise, it's freeeezing here! I threw on this adorable little beanie to keep my ears warm, while piling on layers of knits under my giant coat. Our ride to the tannery was pure bliss. I finally caught a little snooze while being plugged into my Ipod. It doesn't get any better than that! Right now, I'm in Copenhagen! I'm so jetlagged, I don't even know how we got here (can you image I forgot what day it was yesterday?) But after a night of deep sleep, I finally feel refreshed to start the day here. Stay tuned for more updates on my travels!

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