Green Grass

It's been so hot this weekend that I've been downing water like crazy to keep hydrated. It's just another weekend visiting the sis and of course, it's full of good times. After a wild night out rock n' rolling with our favorite bands (hi M83, we love you!) we thought it'd be the perfect time to spend the day walking miles from Fishtown to Center City and oh boy, I think my legs were just about to fall off. Thank goodness for the beautiful parks just around every corner. Sometimes you just need to plop yourself down on the grass. And of course, what's a picnic without a quick stop at McDonald's? Yep, us girls know how to grub...hard. I'm just glad the sis and I are finally together to kind of digest what's been going on in our lives. Our surprise projects are coming closer and closer to a release date and it's going to be pretty rad, if I do say so myself. Lying on the grass with your eyes closed may be the best way to brainstorm! 

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