Brazil and More through Song of Style on Instagram

On top on Sugar Loaf getting ready to ride the helicopter!

At the Fasano Hotel in Rio. How amazing is the view?

Alexandre Birman was kind enough to fly us in his private jet from San Paulo to Rio, Brazil. No metal detectors, no ID's needed!

The view from my hotel room in Rio. I'm so in love with this city.

Two of my favorite shoes. They are of course, by Schutz. I can't wait for them to open their New York store on September 5th!!!

At the Fasano Hotel in Sao Paulo, trying out Susana from Elle Brasil's studded leather jacket.

I almost cried..... Three Brazilian blog readers who read my tweet about American Airline losing/stealing my jewelry and laptop brought me jewelry to the Schutz collection launch. Every single Brazilian I met on this trip, has been nothing but kind and so generous. Thank you! xoxox

The only bracelets (and a few more in my purse) that survived as these were the ones I wore on my flight to Brazil. Deciding on what nail polish to put on while waiting for my flight.

Back in Kentucky with one of the foster dogs. How adorable is she? I wanted to bring her with me!

I miss my Charcoal so much and can't wait to see him on Sunday night back in LA! He loves the pool and the float in Kentucky.

More foster puppies that Wesley Mason's mom is taking care of. Hope you guys were able to donate to STAR so volunteers like her (who do not make any money at all from doing rescuing) can continue to save these adorable pets from being euthanized and mistreated.
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