The Cherry JETT

We've created the "Dylana + Natalie Suarez x Modern Vice" JETT boot in cherry red and it's becoming one of my personal favorites! I love seeing such a bright hue when I look down at my feet! Kiltie, buckles, and just the right amount of studs, we've created our dream everyday boot. It really is the shoe I've fantasized wearing on a tour bus, to travel the world in, with just jeans and a tattered tee-shirt. Our handmade-in-NYC-boot came out perfect and I couldn't be happier with these beauties. Now, I'm just stoked for fashion week, and taking my JETTS out and about in NYC and London. I swear the more I wear them, the deeper I fall in love with them. 

Limited edition, the JETT boot is available to purchase in cherry red, burgundy, black, and sunshine yellow! 

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