Blushing in PInk - and My Messy Apt

(Forever 21 Parka, H&M Faux Fur Collar, Anarchy Street Orange Scarf, Dad's Versace Belt that he left at our old place which I quickly stole, Mom's Vintage Pleated Skirt, Steve Madden Lace Up Ankle Boots, Su-shi Bag)

oh, how long have I waited to take an outfit picture!
Since Wes has left us to spend time with his family for Christmas, Charcoal and I were left alone in this gloomy rainy weather. Today was a little better than the other days as it rained on and off and I finally had some free time so Charcoal and I met up with a friend of mine from school for an early dinner and before we were done with our dinner it started pouring again.
I heard it's raining like this in the entire state of California. Hopefully by tomorrow the rain will stop since Charcoal and I will be flying back home to LA.
Anybody doing anything fun for Christmas?
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