Zink Magazine: Sugar and Spice and Modern Vice

ZINK Magazine Spring '13 photographed by Harry Fellows 

Here I am inside the latest spring issue of Zink Magazine, featuring none other than the amazing boys of Modern Vice! Jensen and Jordan Adoni really do have some wild imaginations, and to start a shoe factory in NYC!! I don't know how they do it... but I have to admit, they're pure geniuses. The moment I met these brothers, I knew I wanted to work with them. They were over the top, super smart, and unlike anyone I ever met. Their energy was magnetic. Dylana and I collaborated with Modern Vice to create our first shoe, the JETT boot, because we believed in the factory and we knew what it could do...and that is, create magic. Now we've got so many shoes as part of our JETT collection, along with so many more ideas for the coming seasons. Sometimes I even want their men's shoes made for women! With the NYC factory, we're able to make our ideas come to life quicker and better than we could anywhere else. Here I am lying in overalls (and not much else!) covered in their shoes, everything from our JETT and Benni boots, to MV editorial wedges (my favorite being that wild "Made in America" flagged sneaker!! There's my boyfriend who you may know, Jordan, in the hat, next to his brother Jensen, shot just outside the factory in the Garment District. I just kinda did my thing with all their shoes on top of me. There you have it, a brilliant shoot with the Modern Vice duo!

Get your hands on a copy of Zink today to read the entire story!

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