British Bandmates

(Vintage sweater, White + Warren cargo jacket, Free People "Brunch Date" dress, Dr. Martens boots, Rebecca Minkoff camera bag and handbag)

And I'm taking you back for a little London lovin'. London is one of my all time favorite cities, and I cannot wait for my next visit. I did just get some exciting news on my next travels though! But more on that next time. Here, Dylana and I were walking up to Primrose Hill...going ga-ga over it's poshness. Can a place be any more beautiful and calm? I was honestly just hoping for a Kate Moss spotting (bullocks!) Anyways, we ran into these adorable little Primrose boys along the way. They had their hat out filled with pounds and everything! And yep, they were jamming just as if they were the little Beatles themselves. They made we want to be a kid again. I miss those days when it was totally acceptable to do silly things behind your parents backs just for the sake of doing it. Not that I still don't. They were squinting in the sun and playing their un-plugged electric guitars as I snapped away. It was a perfect and random morning on Primrose Hill. London...and music...the best combination in the whole world.

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