Windswept Hair

(Lauren Moffatt sweater)
Still, I have many more curl confessions to make. Thanks to Paul Mitchell, I'll be sharing all my little secrets. Yes, I love a little windswept hair. Naturally, just stepping out onto my fire escape can cause it get a bit crazy...and I like it. But still, I've got to do a little something to it every now and then before things get too insane up there. Running the "Beachy Texture Cream-Gel" through my hair with my fingers is a must, but I've just discovered something new. Tying my hair up in a bun with the "Full Circle Leave-In Treatment" in the morning is beyond brilliant. I then let the bun loose just as I'm leaving the house, and voilaaaa...rock n' roll waves, that are still soft. When I go out dancing, my hair's my weapon. I'm always the one whipping my hair on the dance floor.

I want to hear your curl confessions too!! Write them down here, on Paul Mitchell :)

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