Peeking Underneath

 (Nifty Thrifty coat, Boyfriend's sweater, Lauren Moffatt yellow sweater, James Jeans, Vintage Shoe Co. "Josie" brogues)

A deep yellow and maroon may always remain my favorite fall combo. I was literally walking out the door when I realized it was so cold I needed my boyfriend's maroon sweater to go over what I was wearing. Everyone that day was picking at my little yellow and striped collar like "what's that underneath?" Yep, it's probably the cutest little Lauren Moffatt sweater I own. It reminds me of high school, and it's got those varsity colors that with just a peek, brightened my whole look. Oh, I forgot to mention, this killer big blue coat is the one piece I lugged home from the Nifty Thrifty warehouse out in Williamsburg, one place where I gather all my vintage goodies! I have no idea who wore it before me, but it's perfect, and just big enough to layer a ton underneath. I love battling the cold with something boxy on top, with skinnies on the bottom. This week may be another one of mixing and matching, as I run downtown and uptown between work and everything else in between. We've got one more week until our huge shoe event (or what looks like may be a carnival) at the factory...and looks like we've got a lot more surprises in the works that I can't wait to release!  

For now, join my go-to vintage warehouse, Nifty Thrifty, to shop my favorites!

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