LIMITED EDITION: Biking with the Tuscan Benni Boot!

Biking with the Tuscan BENNI Boot!

What I love most about working at the NYC Modern Vice factory, is getting to go in and create something completely new and different every single day. It's only fun if we do something crazy once in a while isn't it? This time, we took our classic "Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" BENNI boot, and went the hippie route with a multi-colored calfskin...and voila, our "Tuscan Benni." We only made 12 of these babies, and their only on sale today and through Cyber Monday! For me, I'd take these bad boys out to Woodstock on my Electra Bike in skinnies, an oversize shearling coat, hat, and loads of turqoise jewelry. 

Shop the Tuscan Benni and all my items on Polyvore (natalieoffduty)!
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