Not So Skinny Not So Short

I first got these leather pants in September during Fashion Week and have been wanting to wear them ever since but with the LA heat it was quite impossible. I'm drawn to most leather pants but I was drawn to these especially because of the slight bagginess and sweatpants nature. For someone who's never owned sweatpants (I mean it. Even in high school, I opted for track shorts instead of sweatpants) these leather sweatpants couldn't be more perfect for me! 
P.S. Imagine my joy when I saw the abundance of leather on the Spring 2013 runway of Saint Laurent and Balmain!

Have a great weekend everyone and make sure to let your loved ones know that they are loved. This week has been quite tough for me but tougher for my boyfriend. I'm not really big on sharing my personal life but I wanted to ask for your prayers for my boyfriend's mom (Teresa Mason) who is bravely battling cancer. I can't wait to visit her once I'm done with my travels. I love you Momma T! xo

Photos by Dani Song
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