My Own Little Palace

I shacked up at the gorgeous La Saltana, right on the lagoon of Oualidia in Morocco. It really is magical. There's only 11 rooms, each is different, and each feels like a real home. Wooden doors, actual keys, and adorable little backyard patios overlooking the lush. We arrived as it was just about to rain and so spent the night cozying up by the fireplace until the slight storm passed. Even with the craziness and unexpected weather, I did get plenty of time to explore! From running down the long row of trees to the front gate like a little kid, to getting lost underground in the corridors. The staircases are lit by the mosaic lanterns and stones from the town cover the walls. I even escaped for a Moroccan massage and was left slathered in vanilla oils. It made me fall asleep like a baby. Honestly, this place makes you feel like a princess. I couldn't find a better way to play pretend in this mystical land than in this long vintage dress. I thrifted it in the city for 5 bucks and though washing it turned my sink green, it's one of those pieces that I'll keep forever and ever. I just always wonder what kind of girl had it before me, and what adventures she took with it.

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