On the Road to Oaulidia

Here are just a few of my snapshots from being on the road. We were traveling from Morocco to Oaulidia, a beautiful beach town in the north of Africa, so quiet, there was barely anyone on the road. From sitting in the very backseat of the car with headphones on, I was dozed off, that is, until after what was about 3 hours, we were on the coast. The views were amazing! The ride got a bit intense, and I screamed as we bumped up and down on the road, yet I managed to get some great shots. The homes are pastel (everything from pale pink to a cobalt blue)...the buildings square with low ceilings. Not many cars were anywhere, but I did spot a few making their way on donkeys! I even got a little wave in there! With vegetable stands and large piles of sea salt everywhere I turned, I knew we were headed in the right direction. I could smell the sea. Even had paddles and the surf on my fingers (thank you The 2 Bandits!) I've got so many photos to share with you I don't even know where to begin. All I can say that our destination was a dream. For now, welcome to Oaulidia!

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