Moroccan Sky

Good mornin Morocco! I just woke up, and I'm here in Oualidia, a small quiet beach town just a few hours outside Casablanca. I found myself passed out in the backseat on the bumpy ride here, before waking up to the ocean and snapping pictures out my window. I've been sleeping like a baby, it's so calm out here! Back in Casablanca, things are a bit more crazy and so this is a nice little escape. I've been seeking inspiration left and right here and one place I found the most beautiful? This mosque overlooking the water in the heart of Casablanca. Inside, the walls are intricately carved. The ceilings printed and shining. Everything glows off the chandeliers. Walking through it barefoot was the most calming part of our trip. And I don't know why I think this, but the sun seems so big in Morocco and closer than ever. Luckily we've been having some beautiful cool weather that I got to whip out a deep red pair of pants and of course, my staple, a camo jacket that I brought back from London. I travel with simplicity, though today I think I may go a bit more wild out at the beach. Looks like I'll be starting the day off at the pool, before heading out into the lagoon...and on a boat! I'm ready to live the beach bum life, even if it is just for one more day.

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