Kick up your Heels

(custom Worth & Worth hat, Vintage coat, Rag & Bone knit sweater, Seven for All Mankind jeans, Vintage Chanel, "Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" fuschia BENNI boots)

I will always be a Santa Monica baby at heart. I made my first steps on it's sand, and got my first tan under it's rays. Going back with my family once again reminds me of our old home, just 9 blocks from the beach, where I'd ride my bike along the always low-cut grass. For our day, going down memory lane, I had to throw on my favorite wool coat, this plaid beauty straight from Paris. It's unexpected shades went well with my favorite blue jeans and bright fuschia BENNI's. Today marks the end of our holiday, and though I'll miss the carefree days in my hometown, I'm extremely excited for 2013 in the Big Apple! Lots of things are in store, from moving into a brand spankin' new apartment, to some killer  projects in the works. This year is all about pouring my heart and soul into everything I love. Here's to 2013, another year to make magic!

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